Project Brief

AX flyers & Banners

Anime Expo (AX) is a convention held in Los Angeles that brings together anime fans and industries in order to celebrate Japanese pop culture, and although not primarily a convention highlighting video games, Dreamleague has partnered up with AX to bring more attention to esports at a collegiate level.

Since this event is held every year, Dreamleague is tasked to design flyers and banners to promote their upcoming events.


This project I worked on while interning at Dreamleague required me to create the layout for flyers and banners. In the span of 2 weeks, I carefully considered my aesthetic option in the development of this promotional mash-up between Dreamleague and Anime Expo, finalizing on the color choice and layout.

The goal for the project was to create a layout that could meld together both anime and esports interests of the attendees. My biggest obstacle for this design was to find a good balance of representation for both Dreamleague and AX.

The decision for the layout is based around modernism. The initial stages of the design consisted mainly of research to ensure that the design would fit the theme of what AX represents. The typeface I used is Avenir because it provides a modern style. In many cases, using a san-serif typeface works a lot better when providing geometric shapes. I used a 7x8 grid system to help organize the layout; providing a balance between the image and the information. The color choice was based off of the AX logo. This helps create unity between Dreamleague and Anime Expo.

Color Palette


Dragon Ball Z, illustrations by Maxiuchiha22