Project Brief


Bobalicious is a family owned company that mainly serves frozen yogurts and boba drinks. The objective behind redesigning Bobalicious was to improve its logo. The old logo was struggling to communicate it’s message to the general audience. When rebranding Bobalicious, I thought of multiple different designs that could communicate effectively to its audience. I decided to create a logo that emphasizes the idea of what they serve. The bear concept is a cute way to make customers feel invited and welcomed.


This was a project that I worked on while attending California State University, Los Angeles. The logo is a redesign of a logo that is originally from a local boba shop. I created a new concept and visual design to better fit the brand. The development of this logo required research, mood boards, and presentations. This project spanned 1 week.

The challenge and goal for the project was to recreate an existing logo. Since the original logo did not have a good representation of the brand, the challenge was to create everything from scratch. My biggest obstacle for this logo was to find a good balance between the visuals and typography.

The decision for the bear logo is based around the idea of a fun and playful appeal. The roundness of the bear symbolizes the shape of the round boba. The round typography with no serif is utilized to keep the logo consistent with the overall feel of the brand. The logo is kept in a one hue with different tones to keep it easy on the eyes.