Project Brief

Double Instinct

Double Instinct is a competitive esports team that primarily focuses on the game Overwatch. This conceptual team is aimed to be an all-girls team. The design of this logo serves to communicate that female players are also competitive at very high levels of play.

The color of the logo is salmon pink. Pink is a delicate color that could represent playfulness and femininity. The typography is Gotham Black. The bold typeface is a lot heavier and emphasizes strength for the team. The logo itself also has duality in that the left side is lighter than the right side. This comes up again when looking at the name of the team, with the first word in white and the second word in black.


This was a project that I worked on while interning at Dreamleague. I created the entire concept and design for this logo. The development of this logo required research, mood boards, and presentations. This project spanned 1 week.

The challenge and goal for the project was to create a logo that could represent female gamers and the audience that supports them. My biggest obstacle for this logo was to find a good balance between the visuals and typography.

The decision for the cat and tiger logo is based around the appeal of both cuteness and viciousness. The duality of the two animals are reflective of the players that are on the team. The round typography with no serif is utilized to keep the logo consistent with the overall feel of the brand. The logo is kept in a single hue with different tones to keep it easy on the eyes.

Color Palette

Double Instinct Color Palette-01.jpg


Double Instinct Typography-01.jpg


Double Instinct Demographic-01.jpg

Do’s & Don’ts

Color & B&W

Banner Mockup

Sports jersey Mockup