Project Brief

Hello Panda

Hello Panda is a delicious panda shaped cookie with a strawberry filling. The current box is formed as a hexagon and has very cute visuals. This redesigned product is a modern interpretation aimed towards children ages 15 and up. This re-imagining is meant to make Hello Panda more hip and cute.


This was a project that I worked on while attending California State University, Los Angeles. I recreated the entire concept and design for this package. The development of this package required understanding the target audience and the impacts of color choices  choice. This project spanned 2 weeks.

The challenge and goal for the project was to create an innovative package that would capture the audience. A key component was the creation of a visual design that appealed to teenagers. Another challenge was to redesign the panda in a way that made the artwork more fun, but at the same time kept the identity of the brand. Finally, typography is kept fun and playful as the product is meant for younger individuals.

I chose to redesign the panda in a way that would appeal more to millennials. These glasses, mustaches, and the magnifying glasses serve to create a sense of fashionable appeal. The utilized multiple shades of pink as well as white lines to allow for a more vertically centered focus, as I wanted to follow the verticality of the box. The pink colors of the box also match nicely with the strawberry filling of the cookies.