Project Brief


Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival (LABRFF) is a showcase for the best upcoming Brazilian cinema. It is an event where a community that loves films gathers together and celebrates. 

Since it was the 10th anniversary for the LABRFF, I created a new visual poster and ticket design for them. The inspiration for this project came from Brazilian dancers and film rolls. The combination of the two creates a fun and eye catching visual that invites film lovers from all around. 


This was a project that I worked on while attending California State University, Los Angeles. I was to redesign the visuals of the brand to best fit my perspective for a Brazilian film festival. The development of this poster required research, color choices, and multiple layout considerations. This project spanned 1 week.

The challenge and goal for the project was to create a poster that would be visually stimulating. This project specifically requires extensive research and understanding to capture the cultural background of Brazil.  Another important element was knowing who the target audience was. This project helps promote Brazilian film festivals.

I wished to keep the main focus of the poster on the Brazilian dancer. The look in the eyes as well as the arm placement of the dancer serve to capture the liveliness that is presented. The skin color of the dancer is also kept white like the background in order to contrast with the bright colors of the clothing. Film strips were added as a design element to highlight that the poster is meant for a film festival. As it is a poster, I kept the typography simple and easy to understand.