Project Brief


MOLECULE is a brand of avant-garde mattresses scientifically engineered for those who desire not only superior comfort, but an enlightened sleep experience. MOLECULE mattresses are designed for individuals who understand exactly the type of comfort that they need in their sleep.

MOLECULE focuses on rest and recovery, regulating your natural body temperature and providing optimal support while you sleep. MOLECULE mattresses are Air-Engineered™ to deliver 200% better airflow than the leading competition, resulting in better temperature regulation for optimal sleep and ultimate performance.


This was a project that I worked on while I was freelancing for Molecule. I was tasked to redesign their mattress manual, duvet cover, pillow, topper, sheet insert, and direct mailer. The development of these projects required research, color exploration, and multiple layout considerations. These projects spanned 5 weeks.

The challenge and goal for the project was to create a design that would be visually stimulating, legible, and modern. This project specifically required extensive research and understanding of the company objective to capture the perfect balance between layout and hierarchy. This project helps promote Molecule and their products.

The objective is to keep the design modern and legible, while incorporating elements that represents Molecule. The beginning process was to create multiple layouts that had those elements. After a full understanding of which layout to use, color exploration was used to best benefit the project. I decided to use their primary and secondary palette as a tool to focus and execute thier color scheme. The typeface I used was Roboto for their copy and DIN Next LT Pro for their headliner. The headliner compliments their website since they are the same typeface. The multiple projects were set to compliment each other.