Project Brief

Pepper Run

Situational depression is a short-term form of depression that can occur in the aftermath of various traumatic changes. Loss of a loved one, lose of a job, break ups, serious illness, and any form of a traumatic event can lead to situational depression. Pepper Run is a 5K run concept meant to spread awareness of situational depression and is a way to share stories that involves these individual’s traumatic events. The objective of this run is to inform people of situational depression and to help people overcome these incidents in their lives in order to pursue a brighter future.

The promotional items consist of posters, t-shirts, and sheep letters. The posters will provide exposure of the event and its message. The t-shirts will create awareness of situational depression and a reminder of the overall message of the run. The sheep letters will provide an activity to share and support for those have been affected.


This was a project that I worked on while attending California State University, Los Angeles. I created the entire concept and design for this run. The development of this marathon required research, mood boards, and presentations. This project spanned 8 weeks.

The challenge and goal for the project was to create an event that would motivate people with situational depression. A key component was the creation of a visual design that appealed to all ages. In doing so, the project helps to create an engaging event that allows people to better understand what situational depression can be.

The first step for this project was to understand and break down the target audience. The creation of this event required knowledge pertaining to the combatting of depression. In many cases of depression, support from family, friends, and loved ones, are essential. The project encourages both people suffering from depression as well as their loved ones to get involved in the run.


What kind of sheep are you?
1. Are you a black sheep with situational depression?
2. Are you a white sheep, who knows someone that suffers with situational depression?
3. If you are a black sheep, write down your traumatic event.
4. If you are a white sheep, write down something supportive and positive.
5. Place it on the pin board.